• Rematcha Premium Japanese Matcha Powder - Vegan 100% Natural Sugar Free

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Matcha with no compromises
Our Matcha
Vegan + Organic
Rematcha Matcha is vegan and organically sourced in Japan from small family run organic farms. Try it today! 
Sugar Free
Our Matcha is sugar free. Rematcha is the purest matcha powder directly ground from the best green tea farms in Japan. 
No additives
We believe in natural, and our matcha is free from any additives. No artificial colors, flavors or nasties. 
Perfect Particles
Our matcha is ground to the most optimal fineness, having particles in the 5 - 10 micron range - the most optimal size for flavor.
Try before you buy!
Our individual sample pack is available for a minimum cost. Our matcha is so good that we are certain that you will come back for more!
Try a Sample
Perfect for a drink or cake!
Our matcha is perfect for drinks, lattes, shakes and for cooking any dish! Our versatile matcha is the best super-food cooking companion!
Try it today
Matcha that matches your expectations. No Compromise.
The Rematcha matcha is sourced from the best farms in Japan and carefully packed in Australia to provide the fullest matcha flavour.
Ingredients: Matcha.
How to drink
For the traditional matcha add 0.5g (1 teaspoon) of matcha to a cup with water at around 80 degrees and stir. For a latte, add 1g of matcha, sugar to taste, milk, ice, and mix in a blender for the best green tea matcha latte or shake.
Try it today!
Rematcha is the best matcha I tried so far. Their sample pack was great to give it a go.
Our office loves the individual 1g packs for quick matcha drinks with no mess.
I recently got into matcha and Rematcha is my favourite by far. Perfect for matcha lattes.
Reparcel is an authorized Rematcha reseller!
Matcha vs Coffee
Matcha contains caffeine like coffee, however it releases the caffeine slowly and for a sustained amount of time. This means that unlike coffee, matcha does not give jitters and accelerated heartbeats, while increasing your energy levels for many hours.
Try Rematcha today!
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Rematcha Premium Japanese Matcha Powder - Vegan 100% Natural Sugar Free

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