• Tradition Japanese Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Premium Powder 500g

HOTTAEN Macha C Green Tea Powder Gold 500g Tencha that is stoneground immediately before shipping is called Matcha. Dark Matcha (Koicha) is used in Japan's traditional tea ceremony, and was previously made from the leaves of very old tea bushes - over 100 years old. In recent times, cultivar varieties suited to Koicha have been selected, while soil fertility management techniques and covered culture methods have been developed to provide the best tea for Koicha. Matcha is also used extensively in the making of traditional Japanese confections and various savory dishes. Another unique feature of Matcha is that unlike Sencha and other teas, when one drinks Matcha the leaf is fully consumed.Product of Japan  Expiration Date 6 months or More - Powdered Japanese green tea leaf - Suits for flavouring as healthy ingredients - Easy to take the goodness There are abundant green tea recipes out there. Green tea is such a versatile ingredient in cooking and has such a distinctive flavour that it brings a magical touch to almost all sweets. GREEN TEA POWDER(UJI MATTCAH C) NET WT. 500g ingredients : green tea(camellia sinesis) Recommended Storage : Please store it in a cool, dark place away from heat and moisture.(Best in a fridge) Organic Tea Products and Rigorous Quality ControlHotta Katsutaro Shoten was the first company in the Japanese tea industry to supply organic tea leaf. More than twenty years ago, we began supporting organic tea growers who were particularly concerned about the safety and wholesomeness of green tea and green powdered tea. To these tea growers, we provide information on cultivation techniques and market demands. Since Uji Tea is our mainstream product, we conclude annual contracts with many tea growers in Uji, Kyoto. To ensure steady supply of organic tea, however, we have also built a network with nationwide organic tea growers.To supply safe and wholesome organic green tea, even after harvesting tea leaves, we process, store and transfer our products in compliance with the rigorous provisions of the Japanese Agricultural Standards Association (JAS) and the Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association (JONA).Currently, we are applying for overseas organic food accreditations: the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) approval.Supporting contracted tea growers by providing up-to-date information and technological guidance.Over the past several decades, in addition to inspecting tea plantations of contracted tea growers, we have held regular meetings with the growers, and occasionally conferring with retailers as well. Through such close contact with growers, we have built our original procurement channels, based on solid partnerships with tea growers. To ensure stable supply for our customers, we have looked beyond the tea growers of Uji, Kyoto, to build partnerships with growers in Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Mie and other prefectures.

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Tradition Japanese Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Premium Powder 500g

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